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About Robert


Robert Suresh, Founder and CEO of Robert Suresh Designs, has recently relocated headquarters, bringing over 15 years of international experience in the fashion, floral and décor industry to South Florida. Beginning his career in New York, Robert focused mainly in the production of dance, drama, and musical performances, and later expanded his talents abroad to the Caribbean, thus leading him to his true passion, fashion and floral design. Robert began designing costumes for ethnic and multicultural productions, as well as planning and creating elaborate events such as weddings, parties, social and corporate events, etc.

Throughout the years, Suresh’s exposure to the various art forms of dance, music, fashion, set construction, and costume and interior design has allowed him to exude a style of versatile sophistication, catering to all types of client needs. His keen eye for details has preceded him long after each production’s completion and exceeding customer’s expectations. Suresh’s skills in commercial experience and brilliant ingenuity paired with his sharp sense in business, assures the perfect mix for success.

As an event and floral designer, Suresh has a simple and elegant aesthetic style. Creating quality and character with the finest design disciplines of past and present combined, with a vision of the future, he always strives to create the finest results customized to the individual. From the initial conception, collaborating with the client, to the final unveiling, the most important aspect is the client’s enjoyment throughout the process.

As a fashion designer, Robert specializes in evening, cocktail, gala, red carpet and wedding wear. His creations are all one of a kind. Each piece is crafted to the individual’s body and taste. Again, his aesthetic is clean and elegant where his designs become an extension of the human form.